Laptop Repair Service

Sometimes your Laptop may run slow and lag and here at Procom Computers, we provide a complete laptop repair service that offers competitive rates for any brand of laptop to ensure that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently without any glitches. Our prices are very friendly and quality is a guarantee.

Some of the more Common Faults that we at Procom Computers Deals with regarding laptops are:

Power Jack Repair:

DC Power Jack on the laptop is also known as an AC DC (direct current) power port, dc power input, laptop dc power connector, dc power socket, pin, inlet, laptop prong, point, inlet, receptacle part.

It is the port in the laptop where the dc power plug (tip part of your AC adapter cable) plugs into.

If your laptop battery is not charging anymore you may have to wiggle or jiggle the plug and dc connector constantly to make the system work because the piece inside is loose.

Bring or ship it to us at Procom computer services.

After receiving your laptop we take the laptops apart and remove the power jack from the laptop’s motherboard solder or replace new power jack to the motherboard, put your laptop back together and test to make sure everything works, we reassemble the laptop ready for collection or shipped out after we receive.

Laptop LCD Screen Inverter:

A laptop screen inverter is a small circuit board in an electronic device containing a display that passes a power current from the body to the LCD screen.

The inverter turns a direct current from the motherboard into an alternating current.

The alternating current then triggers the backlight, which causes the images to appear on the screen.

The main function of the inverter is to power the LCD screen on a laptop.

At Procom, we understand the need to have a visual output of the task one is undertaking with the laptop and we offer the LCD Screen inverter replacements.

Hard Drive Replacement:

One may need to replace the laptop hard drive especially if a hand ware failure is experienced or if one needs to upgrade the primary hard drive for increased storage capacity and speed. There is usually need to increase storage of the machine so as to ensure that there is a faster functioning machine. Here at Procom we usually have replacement disks of all sizes where the client has the opportunity to select the desired size. Additionally, the hard drives are of high quality and are readily compatible with any machine.


Malicious software is one of the most bugging issue that is affecting laptops and computers. The software has been readily used to cause corporate espionage among other atrocities. Spyware is a form of virus that is a software installed without the knowledge of the user. The software can violate the privacy of the owner. Here at Procom, we deal with the elimination of such software with the best programmers on site.


Trojan is yet another malicious software that is used to mislead the user from the main intention. It can be disguised as a simple e-mail. It acts as a backdoor that gives unauthorized access to the affected machine. Vital information can be accessed and even loss of data can occur. We deal with sealing these backdoors and ensuring your computer or laptop is free from the virus.

Worm and Adware:

Adware and worms are disguised in many advertisements. They allow a person to monitor the usage of a machine and their activities while online without the consent of the owner. It can be a great violation of privacy. At Procom, we are able to quarantine and ensure everything is under control to give our clients a virus free and fully functional machine.

Virus Identification and Removal:

Viruses can cause a lot of damage especially on the hard drive disk of the laptop. Critical information can be lost and also there could be a permanent damage on the hard drive disk. Removal of these viruses and their identification is not an easy task. We at Procom are equipped with the best machines for identifying and removing viruses. We also offer solutions to ensure that there is no farther attack by the viruses.

Windows Operating System Re-installation:

Sometimes, operating systems can have issues. The installation key can be expired which usually has a great effect on the running and smooth operation of the computer or laptop. We at Procom are dedicated to ensuring that the laptop does not get these problems. We solve re-installation problems in a case where the installation of updates or the windows itself becomes an issue.

Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad Repair:

Laptop keyboards and touch pads are some of the most crucial data entry hardware on the laptop. The frustration one gets especially when the touchpad does not work is immense. It becomes difficult to navigate through the laptop and eventually makes it harder to use it. We provide keyboard repairs and touch pad repairs as well to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the functioning of the laptop.

Memory Replacement:

The memory of a laptop, often determines its functioning speed. The Memory of the laptop otherwise known as the random access memory is where the operating system as well as other application programs are stored for easy access by the processor of the laptop. Provided the laptop is on, data remains intact in the memory and is lost when the laptop is turned off. It is possible that the circuits can burn within the memory. Here, we replace the RAMs and offer higher memories for clients in need of them.


A machine that is lagging and keeps on buffering when booting is most likely in need of an upgrade of the operating system or other application software. We offer these necessary upgrades at very affordable prices and we guarantee that the all the upgrades offered are up to date.

Data Retrieval:

In some cases, the hard drive may be corrupted by viruses and may crash. Ultimately, this means that the data in the laptop has been lost. Well, we as Procom have some good news for you. We offer services to salvage data from the crashed hard drive and there is a 75% likelihood of being able to retrieve most of the data from it.

Procom Computers is the best place for you to visit whenever you have an issue with any form of general repair, machine clean up, data retrieval and update installation. We guarantee quality. Our prices are very pocket-friendly and we ensure that we quote before any repairs are made. Additionally, we offer the same day services when it is possible. With us, your satisfaction and delight are paramount.

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