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Computer viruses are created with an intention to interfere with normal computer operations. Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. Spyware removal and Malware removal is a tricky business. There are various signs of virus and spyware on a computer such as low-performance, hugging and restarting abruptly. The viruses disrupt programs running and one cannot run many windows or programs concurrently. The viruses also delete crucial information from the computer making it hard to retrieve the data in future. Deleting Virus and spyware is not an easy task. Even if you have installed an antivirus, it is possible that your computer is infected with virus and spyware. In most cases, the virus is as a result of hardware issues but it is important to check out to know the real cause of the viruses.

To solve the virus problem, the first step involves entering the safe mode on your computer. Start by disconnecting your PC from the internet and don’t turn the data on before you clean the computer. It helps to prevent the malware from spreading and leaking to private information on the computer. In case you think the computer has a malware already, boot it by entering a Microsoft Safe mode. Entering safe mode will prevent malware from loading directly when the internet is connected which installs in the computer. When one is using Windows 7 and Windows 8, it is easy to use Microsoft saving mode to prevent malware harming. However, this process is very complex in Windows 10. When your computer is in safe mode, it runs faster compared with when the safe mode was off. When the program is running very slowly, it legitimately means that the PC is running many programs at the same time or it is infected with malware. Deleting temporary file also helps to prevent malware installed on your PC. By deleting the files, the speed will increase and scanning will become faster. Therefore, you will need to free up the disk space especially in local disk C. To cleanup up the disk, just type Disk Cleanup in the search bar and press the start button by typing the tools you need and the name Disk cleanup will appear.

Computer viruses can lock you out of your machine, cause data corruption, it can lock every bit of information on your device and then try and get you to pay money to unlock your device it can even erase every bit of information stored on your computer. Viruses can be removed remotely at affordable rates although more complex viruses can take up to 1-3 hours; therefore, it may require you to just bring your PC or Laptop into our workshop for cheaper rates

Some of the Virus names you may hear about are


It is a type of virus which has rogue software and a code which effectively holds on your computer. The malware download automatically when an email is infected, hacked or using malicious websites.


It is a type of virus in a form of an umbrella which is hostile and infects the computer’s software.


They are malicious software’s which upon modification of computers program and inserting new code causes further replication of the malware.

Crypto locks

It is a type of virus in a form of an umbrella which is hostile and infects the computer’s software.


Refers to as a standalone malware in the computer program which replicates themselves and spread to other computers. It uses the network to spread itself and therefore, the PC safe code should be used to maintain the PC security.


Refers to as the collection of computer’s software maliciously and it is designed to allow computer access to other programs when installation of one program is infected by viruses.

Having up-to-date Antivirus software is a great way start to protecting yourself and your computer because these infections can usually occur without your knowledge. We at Procom Computers can recommend a good internet security Software that will meet your need. Another option to prevent viruses’ infection in your PC is by downloading the malware scanners. Having a scanner will help to remove standard infections by just scanning. Having an antivirus on your phone is better but you can use a different scanner apart from the active antivirus on the computer. Antivirus are of two types and probably you use the real-time antivirus programs. The other option is the on-demand antivirus option and it helps to search for these viruses upon opening of your program manually or you scan. Do not install many real-time antiviruses at the same time but many on-demand antiviruses can be installed at the same time and so if one on-demand antivirus misses a certain virus, the other one might detect. It is recommended to use an on-demand scanner if your PC is already infected with viruses and malware a then later add a real-time antivirus program.

In conclusion, virus and spyware lead to improper functioning of the computer. The viruses slow down programs performance leading to inefficiency in performance. Deleting virus forms a computer is hard especially in windows 10. However, there are various steps that one can follow and succeed in deleting malware from the computer and also prevent infection through scanning. These techniques might be hard to follow but are very convenient. You will notice protecting your computer from virus infection makes it perform better and gives you better services. Some of the methods to solve virus include; setting the safe mode on your computer, antivirus installation, scanning and running malware bytes tool on your PC as discussed above.

We at procom Computers can recommend a good internet security Software that will meet your need.

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